Aired November 2020

Join us for a conversation with Bob O’Malley, Vice President of Corporate Development at Railroad Consultants, a railroad engineering and construction firm. In this episode we talk with Bob about “The Status of Inter-City Rail in the U.S.”

Bob gives us information on Brightline developments in the Miami-Orlando-Tampa Florida and the Vegas to Victorville (San Bernardino County, CA) areas. He mentions Texas Central, a private rail project from Dallas to Houston. He touches on the status of Amtrak routes, including Acela in the northeast.

The conversation closes with some discussion on federal legislation currently being considered in Washington, DC.


Previously in his career, Bob worked at CSX Transportation and managed assignments related to State Government and Community Affairs, and served as Liaison to the Florida Dept. of Transportation. During that time, Bob played a big role in organizing the SunRail Commuter Rail that was to share CSX tracks, and also building a new intermodal rail hub in Winter Haven.

From CSX, Bob was invited to serve as VP of Corporate Development and Government Affairs for Virgin Trains USA, formerly known as Brightline. He helped with a major passenger rail being constructed to take passengers from Miami to Orlando and back.

Currently, Bob is the VP of Corporate Development at Railroad Consultants, a railroad engineering and construction firm. Bob is involved in freight and passenger rail projects across the country.

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Jackie has over 30 years of experience in the areas of transportation infrastructure-related design and construction procurement and management. She has unique knowledge of the geospatial world, especially LiDAR applications for infrastructure projects.

Jackie has long-established senior level contacts in the transportation industry nationwide, both public and private. Her specialized knowledge includes all aspects of ground transportation planning, design and construction including: geotechnical, civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, IT, pavement and concrete, safety and maintenance.

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